Sudhir Vohra Consultants ( SVC) is a multi disciplinary consultancy firm , established under Indian law , in 1980 . During the past three decades ,
SVC’s work has spanned across a broad spectrum of activities in the urban sector – from an architectural and interior design practice to policy advisory work with both municipal and central government bodies . The firm’s constituents include architects , urban planners and designers , conservation specialists and its associates include professionals from the legal profession , and management consultants working in the real estate and hospitality sectors .

Team work and good management practices are also an important aspect of the practice. Continuous updating of technology , constant research endeavours and a creation of a knowledge base , together with well structured methodologies to ensure that the ideas and energy thrown up by young professionals who join the firm are absorbed into the firms philosophy and work ethics , is a perpetual exercise followed at SVC .

Over the last three decades , SVC has identified and supported new initiatives and captured new opportunities in the urban sector – these vary from working on computer aided design platforms created for the high end furniture market in Europe to creating GIS platforms for city administrations and municipalities . SVC’s work now in 2010 includes software development for municipalities , and similar exciting new areas of professional work .

SVC’s principal architect , Sudhir Vohra has , since 2007 , been also involved in professional advisory work on policy matters in the urban sector ,
and some of his professional time is dedicated to advising government agencies and municipal bodies on issues varying from property titling , computerization of taxation systems , and city improvement programmes .