SVC’s core competence is in offering coordinated multi disciplinary solutions to design problems and assignments related to architecture , interior design , planning , urban design and urban law advisory works .

The diversity of projects handled by SVC over the last three decades enables the firm to offer services which cover this wide spectrum of consultancy works . SVC utilizes the expertise of a variety of associates, sub consultants , and professionals to create tailor made solutions to the assignments being handled by the firm.

Architectural / Allied Engineering Design Services

Architecture and Structure Systems
Electrical Systems
Sanitation/Water Supply/Waste Disposal Systems
Air Conditioning/Air Cooling/Ventilation Systems
Fire Fighting System Security Systems
Data Networks / Communication/Audio-Visual Systems
Lighting Design
Elevators / Escalators/Freight Movement Systems
Electrical Substation and External Cabling

Interior Design Services

Interior Design
Furniture Design
Acoustic Design
Soft Accessories and Art
Signage and Graphics
Internal Signage and Graphics
Selection and Design of Art Objects
Objects Installation

Hospitality Design and Advisory services

Architecture for the Hospitality Industry
Restaurant Design .

Urban Design / Master Plan and Infrastructure Services

Urban Design and Redevelopment Planning
Street Scaping , Pavement and Parking Design
Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Design
Rain Water Harvesting Design
Mechanical Planning
Infrastructure Planning

Project Co-ordination and Management Services

Feasibility Studies/Project Development
Preparation of Estimates/BOQ/Specifications/Tender
Co-ordination between Various Associated Consultants
Assistance for Permissions & approvals
Quality Control and Measurements Checking
Final Inspection of Work
Contractor's Bill Certification
Co-ordination, Scheduling and Monitoring
Selection Process for Contractors

Archeological and Architectural Conservation and Restoration

Heritage Conservation Work
Archeological Conservation Work
Periodic Technical Site Supervision

Planning Services

Development, and Layout Plans
Landscape/Site Development
Soft Landscape Design
Road Network Plans and Street Designs
Signage and Street Furniture Design
Policy Planning
City Development Strategies

Urban Reforms and Research in the Urban Sector

Building Regulations

Software Development for the Urban Sector

Mapping / GIS application