Interior Design

SVC’s work in the interior design segment was one of the areas of the firm’s work which got noticed within , perhaps the first year of practice . In the 1980’s , when India’s economy was still beginning to reform, opportunities for practicing retail design , branding design , and interior design with an objective to create corporate branding were rare . The hotel industry was also nascent and developing , though rapidly. The firm’s work in creating the NIRULA’s chain of restaurants in New Delhi and its suburbs was noticed in the early 1980’s as a successful branding exercise, and subsequently the firm went on to design more than 40 such units till the year 2000.

When the Indian economy opened up its doors to foreign investors post 1992 , SVC was one of the first firm’s approached by large multinationals like Mac Donalds, Pizza Hut , and Pizza Express of UK , and designed a host of similar restaurants all over northern India . Coupled with these ventures were others like the Rodeo chain , amongst similar Indian based fast food companies and hotel chains.

While interior design work in the branding and retail design segments were the areas of the firm’s concentration, a small but effective group of designers also designed high end residential interior design projects – a segment still serviced in 2010 by the firm , though perhaps selectively.