Over the last three decades of professional practice , SVC’s areas of work and interests have diversified from the original architectural practice it began with into a wide spectrum of activities . During the 1980s, SVC concentrated on work in the hospitality sector , both architectural and interior design . The 1990s saw a movement into retail design , branding design , and into developing software for the architectural industry . After 2000,
SVC developed opportunities which involved project management , urban design , Urban law advisory work, research in the urban sector , conservation and restoration, and then in 2007 , into advisory work with municipal and local self governments .

Since the beginning of 2010 , the expertise gained by SVC in working with local self governments and municipalities has been leveraged by the firm into a wide variety of works which include creating urban design solutions, streetscape planning, working with stakeholders, traffic planning , urban redevelopment schemes, development of zonal and local area plans , and creation of GIS platforms and applications for municipal administration.

Creation of software for municipal administration , linked with a GIS platform is an area of work which SVC has embarked upon since 2009 .
DOCMAP – a Digital , Optical , Mapping of Assets Platform – has been created for the New Delhi Municipal Council ( the NDMC ) in 2009 .

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