SVC’s design and working philosophy has traditionally followed the three principles – “ analyze , evolve and resolve “ . Professionals working at SVC are trained to achieve each assignments objectives in manners which involve a clear identification of the problems, and then to work assiduously to find workable solutions which are elegant and robust . They are convinced that cosmetic and temporary solutions are not acceptable – the design solutions have to emerge from a rigourous process of identification, evolving the ideas , and then resolving them to create the final answers . At the same time , design solutions need to be environmentally sustainable , must respect time and budget constraints , and must respect material and technologies available at the time . Every project is driven by a project manager who understands the end objectives of the assignment , and is constantly being trained and researching innovations .

SVC encourages learning at all levels and supports a well organised continuing education programme for student trainees and the young professionals, while also conducting such programmes for seniors to ensure that the benefits of fast changing technologies are absorbed at all levels of professionals .